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Brannon Home & Health Care

Tree - Home Health Care in Pittsburg, PA
Brannon Home & Health Care, Inc. has been in business for over 25 years specializing in private duty home care services. Our services are available on an hourly, overnight or live-in basis. Our referred personnel can assist you as little as a few hours per week up to 24 hours per day live in service, depending on the consumer's individual needs.
Brannon Home & Health Care, Inc. provides home care personnel to help improve the daily living environment of our consumers.

Stringent guidelines are applied in the selections of the personnel referred to you. Our careful screening process includes a face-to-face interview and validation of work history, job knowledge, criminal background checks and references. Each applicant is selected to specifically meet your family member's needs.
Brannon Home & Care, Inc. is a Pennsylvania State licensed home care registry that follows the guidelines set by the Department of Health for our screening process of our referred personnel.